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Ecommerce PPC Agency Recognized by Google as a Premier Partner

With the exploding popularity of online shopping, the internet marketplace is filled with potential — but it’s also home to some fierce competition. For your online company to realize the success and profits you dream of, you need an ecommerce PPC agency that can expertly use cutting-edge ecommerce PPC management strategies to take you to the top.

Mslive is recognized by Google as a Premier Partner, which means we have high-end knowledge and expertise in creating, launching, managing and optimizing Google ad campaigns for companies of all sizes. We have a proven track record of success with ecommerce PPC campaigns that allow our clients to experience incredible growth.


Our extensive ecommerce PPC services include search, display, retargeting and shopping campaigns and we have experience with Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing, Yahoo/Gemini, and AdRoll. We start by optimizing your PPC campaigns and creating new conversion-focused landing pages. And we enhance them by A/B testing ads and pages every month. We integrate your campaigns with advanced tracking, and deliver granular reports that identify areas where spending is most and least profitable.

How Our Ecommerce PPC Services Work

Ecommerce PPC Campaign Structure

Every good building starts with a solid foundation, and every successful ecommerce PPC campaign starts with a solid campaign structure. As a veteran ecommerce PPC company, we’ve set up smartly executed and structured campaigns for dozens of clients. This enables optimal bidding strategies by improving visibility into the campaign and its keyword groups, and helps us analyze performance and adjust accordingly so that your advertising dollars are dollars well spent.

Keyword Strategy

How do you guarantee that your PPC ads are being seen primarily by people interested in your products and ready to buy from you? Our ecommerce PPC services include optimizing single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) to target high-traffic as well as niche keywords and tie it together with smartly crafted landing page and ad copy — letting shoppers know that they’ve come to the right place. We’ll also target negative keywords in these same ad groups, ensuring that your PPC ads won’t be seen by people outside your target audience, boosting your return on investment

Ad Copy

Writing engaging, effective ad copy is hard enough — even when you don’t have a tight character count to work with! Our copywriting experts will craft headlines and secondary headlines that include relevant keywords, the benefits of your offer, and any supporting information (like time-delayed sales). Our ecommerce PPC agency has a proven track record of creating ads that differentiate your offering from your competitors’, even in the limited space, and which look good whether you’re viewing them on a desktop or on a mobile device. Skillful use of ad extensions like good reviews and sitelinks not only improve your ad’s quality score, they make it more likely that viewers will click through and buy from you

Landing Page Design

A great ecommerce PPC ad may not mean much if, when a shopper clicks on it, they get directed to a confusing category or home page. At Mslive, we design top-quality landing pages that blend beautiful design and fantastic copy to engage shoppers and convince them to make a purchase. We use tools like dynamic text replacement to ensure landing page copy matches keyword and ad copy to minimize user confusion, offer social proof like reviews and testimonials to build trust, and optimize for the best user experience, so that would-be customers aren’t tempted to click away. When you hire an ecommerce PPC company like Mslive, you’ll know your landing pages will be best-in-class.

Ongoing Optimization and A/B Testing

Our ecommerce PPC services aren’t “set it and forget it.” Things may not always go as planned, PPC platforms may change their algorithms, and your competitors are also trying to find new ways to succeed. We don’t stop optimizing your PPC campaigns once they’re live; we regularly A/B test to do things like identify and remove irrelevant keywords, improve conversion rates on ads and landing pages, and find new keywords we should be potentially targeting. Our top-end ecommerce PPC agency will handle all of the details for you, so you can focus on what you do best: improving your business.