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5 Blogs That Are Making Money in 2022 (and How You Can, Too)

5 Blogs That Are Making Money in 2022 (and How You Can, Too)

Have you ever wondered how to make money blogging about the things you love?

What if I told you it’s possible to write about your passions and make money with a blog? There are a variety of niches you can monetize in different ways.

Finding the right one can bring in a steady stream of income. The average blogger sees up to $1,000 every month.

I want you to aim higher. Let’s talk about how you can make money blogging.

There’s no one formula to creating a successful blog, but there is one common thread: Have a unique story to tell.

Blogging is not dead, and it’s not too late for you to start one.

Why Do Some Blogs Fail To Make Money?

Blogs fail to make money because they’re focused on the wrong thing. What are the right things?

You want to make sure your blog is interactive and informative. Your blog supplies something to your audience, so you need to bring value or you’ll be just another blog of many.

While quality of content is the most important factor in your blogger success story, let’s get you bringing in some money.

However, the money won’t come without earning your audience’s trust.

You want to build authority, right? You want to show you’re an expert in your field. Well, don’t treat this like a hobby or a side hustle.

After all, we know how important E-A-T—which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness—is to ranking in SERPs.

Have a plan in place

Build upon a workable plan. Don’t just “wing it” and set yourself up for failure.

Some fail to learn how to make money blogging because:

1. They don’t research the niche they’re blogging about prior to launch.
2. They aren’t investing in their blog like the business it is.
3. They aren’t building a team to assist them.
4. They aren’t connecting with their audience.
5. They aren’t setting actionable goals.
6. They don’t measure their success.

You must have a clear purpose and intention with your blog. If you want to build trust in your niche, it takes a strategy.

Making money from your blog is possible, but it won’t happen if you set a blog post and forget it.

I’ll show you some success stories so you can focus on creating standout content that attracts and builds a community.

You can make money with blogs, and I’m going to show you how.

2022’s Blog Success Stories

Your blog may not be an overnight success, but you can spark interest in people to engage with your content.

Let’s look at some of 2022’s most successful blogs generating a sizable revenue.

Huffington post: How blogs make money without a product

I’m sure you’re not surprised by this one.

Since 2005, Arianna Huffington and her Huffington Post co-founders have been publishing news stories as they unfold. Thousands of readers daily rely on their articles. They’ve established themselves as not just one of the world’s largest websites but one of the most popular.

In June 2022 alone, HuffPost’s organic traffic of 6 million had a value of $1.8 million. Note that by organic traffic value, we mean the monthly equivalent cost of traffic from all the keywords that a given URL or website calculates for if the site owner was paying for it through PPC versus earning the traffic organically.

Not only does HuffPost make money with blogs, but its revenue consists of online ads and money from corporate investments.

Seeing the numbers above, it is easy to understand why they are among the top-earning blogs worldwide.

While no products are sold on HuffPost, they make money with blogs that speak to their value—creating trustworthy content that engages readers.

goop: Profit Through Lifestyle and Wellness Branding

goop is a wellness and lifestyle brand started by actress Gwyneth Paltrow as a weekly lo-fi newsletter back in 2008. Her slogan “Nourish the Inner Aspect” resonates with her audience based on the average 732K organic traffic.

This traffic value is about $423K but wellness products are also sold on the site.

Let’s look at goop’s third-largest revenue driver, “Are Mediums Real?” The reason it’s likely successful is because it’s thought-provoking. This is an edgy topic you probably won’t see on other sites, let alone the extensive research to support the ideas mentioned.

Other top pages that bring in organic revenue on goop are generally guides. They educate the audience aside from having product offerings listed on screen and ads from aligning brands. goop shows that when you’re true to your audience and provide unique content for them, you will see the return in numbers.

How You Can Start Making Money with Blogs

You know how to start a blog, but have you grasped how to make money blogging? There are many strategies bloggers use. Some are more demanding than others.

The majority of blog revenue sources depend on varying factors like search engine algorithms and brand budgets. Therefore, I strongly advise you diversify your income by utilizing a variety of sources like ads, products, or sponsorships.

When it comes to income potential, your blog feeds off two variables: your niche and your revenue sources. Once you know your audience, you can explore monetization strategies.

You know what makes sense to them and what benefits their needs as well as yourself financially. You don’t want to be paid for affiliations you don’t agree with. So, stay true to your brand and your audience will stay true to you.

But in the beginning, you need an entrepreneurial mindset.

Income does vary from blogger to blogger. However, as the money trickles in, you can experiment with ideas to see what is working in your favor.

Turning your blog into a moneymaker isn’t a linear process.

Focus on building content that converts to develop that loyal following — and the monetization opportunities that come with it — and you might just end up as successful as HuffPost or goop.


The bottom line is starting a blog can be fun and profitable.

But it won’t come easily.

You’ll wear a lot of hats getting your footing through an ever-changing medium. However, you can replicate what’s working once you see fulfillment and success.

So, ask yourself: Am I blogging as a hobby or in a way that yields income?

There are different strategies for simply running a blog versus monetizing a blog. Your endgame is to go from content for content’s sake to being able to consistently make money blogging.

Once you find a reliable host for your site, you’ll be ready to start building credibility and trust with your audience.

Always stick by what works, remember your audience’s needs, and the money will come.


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