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Do Minimalist Website Designs Help or Hurt Your SEO?

Do Minimalist Website Designs Help or Hurt Your SEO?

As a site owner, do you feel as though the line between a decent user experience and ideal search engine optimization (SEO) is a tightrope?

It’s normal to feel like you need to focus on one over the other. With regards to minimalist website design, that feeling turns out to be more articulated. All things considered, SEO requires more than adequate content for optimization. Right?

This article will investigate the connection between minimalist website design and organic keyword rankings. We’ll take a gander at six sites, including one non-minimalist one, to respond to the consuming question: Do minimalist website design help or hurt your SEO?

Why Are Minimalist Website Designs Getting So Famous?

The fact that uses content sparingly makes a minimalist site one. This might incorporate words, yet it can likewise incorporate pictures, graphics, and videos.

So for what reason are minimalist website designs getting so famous?

As additional clients utilize more smaller screens, the longing for minimalist website design increases. This is on the grounds that you need the experience for desktop users and mobile users to be steady. A minimalist website design implies less changes for the mobile platform.

A minimalist design is likewise better for the user experience. With less content jumbling up the viewer’s vision, they can all the more effectively journey through the site.

Moreover, minimalist sites are inclined to quicker page loading times, and they rush to answer size or orientation changes, (for example, while viewing on a tablet or cell phone).

How Do Website design And Search engine optimization Communicate?

While you’re designing for SEO purposes, you might run into certain elements that appear to be outlandish. Fortunately there are ways of guaranteeing SEO doesn’t languish over the purpose of a decent user experience as well as the other way around.

There are a few elements of both website design and SEO that are so inseparably linked, it’s difficult to tell where one ends and another starts. Those are the best places to begin on the off chance that you’re updating a site in view of SEO.

Those website design elements include:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Site speed
  • Sitemaps
  • Readability
  • Image file names
  • Alt tags
  • Website navigation
  • URL structure
  • Metadata
  • Indexable content

With the elements over, the requirements of both site users and search engine crawl bots unite. That is on the grounds that what’s best for the visitor’s best for the crawl bots. That is consistently the objective with a SEO minded of website design.

Particularly actually with all the algorithm updates carrying out.

Assuming website design is something truly at the forefront of your thoughts, you’ll be glad to realize we have a in depth guide to follow.

What We Found In Our Data About Minimalist Web Design

Before we jump into the analysis of minimalist sites, we should characterize a couple of things.

Most importantly, our meaning of a minimalist site is unified with under 700 words on the homepage. To decide the performance of each site, we broke down different points, including:

  • The number of total organic keywords the site ranks for
  • The number of organic keywords the site ranks on the first page for
  • The number of organic keywords the site ranks in the initial three positions for
  • The number of rich snippets a site has
  • The total organic traffic number
  • The income created from natural traffic

It’s likewise vital to take note of that any found the averaged metrics are the average over a year time frame.

Delightful, Minimalist Site Motivation: Tiffany and Co.

With an incredible 190 words on their homepage, Tiffany and Co. positively qualifies as a minimalist website design. That is even with the 20 pictures integrated all through the homepage, as it utilizes symbolism just where required and helpful.

How has this turned out for Tiffany and Co.?

Tiffany acquired a normal of 3.2 million visitors each month, bringing about an expected traffic worth of $2.4 million every month.

How can it attract such huge organic traffic numbers? As you would anticipate, Tiffany and Co’s. keyword universe comprises of 336 thousand total organic keywords. Of those, 22.2 thousand keywords positioned in the best three positions.

Becket + Quill: Minimalistic Design with Huge Effect

Coming in at much less words than Tiffany and Co., Becket + Quill has just 96 words on the homepage. They in all actuality do likewise consolidate pictures, 18 altogether on the homepage, including Instagram pictures simply over the footer.

While taking a look at a year of information, Becket + Quill gets 632 natural visitors each month. This nets them a sum of $434 each month in organic traffic value.

It’s nothing unexpected they perform at a fundamentally reduced volume when contrasted with Tiffany and Co. All things considered, the Becket + Quill keyword universe comprises of just 529 natural keywords, with just 28 ranking in positions one through three on SERPs.

Loveness Lee is one more jewellery site with a minimalist homepage design. That implies 115 words altogether (remembering words for the navigation) and 14 pictures in addition to one video banner.

How does Loveness Lee fare with regards to natural traffic? All things considered, Loveness Lee has 358 visits with a $2 per visit traffic esteem over a year.

That is not awful, taking into account the site ranks for just 254 organic keywords on average each month. Just three of those rank in the best three positions.

Minimalist web design in action: David Yurman

With a fundamentally the same as word count and picture build up to Loveness Lee, David Yurman has 104 words on the homepage (remembering words for the navigation) and 17 pictures.

Maybe you’d think David Yurman’s keyword profile would be like that of Loveness Lee. On the off chance that you consider account domain rating, however (David Yurman’s 69 to Loveness Lee’s 39), it’s reasonable why David Yurman’s keyword universe is quite a lot more powerful.

David Yurman has a typical natural traffic volume of 439.7 thousand with a traffic worth of $271.5 thousand every month. This is thanks to the site’s robust organic keyword profile, including 104.6 thousand organic keywords with 3.2 thousand ranking in places one through three.

Is Minimalist Website Design Positive or negative For Search engine optimization?

Before we answer this inquiry, we should consider the “champ” in the examination above.

Blue Nile was the most beneficial site, in any event, demolishing Tiffany and Co. for traffic esteem by $500 thousand every month. It had a larger number of words on the page than Tiffany and Co. (616 versus 190), a lower domain rating (76 versus 80), and, surprisingly, a more smaller keyword universe (217.2 thousand versus 336 thousand). Be that as it may, a greater amount of its natural keywords positioned in the main three outcomes.

Could we at any point say with conviction that how much content on the Blue Nile homepage was the sole benefactor? Obviously not. Be that as it may, more content (when introduced well) implies more open doors for optimization and client commitment.

In any case, is having more happy the be-all-end-all to better rankings? No. Assuming that was the situation, Taylor and Hart would have been the reasonable winner.

With that said, to respond to the inquiry “is all minimalist website design good or bad for Search engine optimization?” the response is not one or the other. There are numerous different elements influencing everything. So for however long you’re optimizing the content you do have, whether that is 100 words or 1,000 words, you’ll probably wind up in a decent spot.


Whether you have a minimalist web design, or you favor a maximalist approach, you’ll be glad to realize that what makes the biggest difference is the way you optimize the content you do have. There isn’t a lot of distinction among minimalist and maximalist sites concerning SEO, for however long you’re following white hat SEO techniques.

Is a minimalist web design interesting to you however you as of now have a laid out site? An redesign is generally a chance. Luckily, there are even redesign agendas accessible to guarantee the project is a triumph.


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