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14 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

14 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

Each Search engine optimization tool is unique, and that includes all the SEO extensions for Chrome. Some have better keyword data, others have better link data, and others give better specialized ideas. I could go on.

At the end of the day, there is no ideal tool, and I truly intend that, despite the fact that I made Ubersuggest for you.

Besides, paying for a small bunch of Search engine optimization tools is frequently costly and ridiculous, yet don’t stress since today, I’m going to make your life a piece simpler. The following are without 14 chrome extensions for Search engine optimization that might end up being useful to give your site a lift in the SERPs and increase your online visibility.

The best thing about this rundown? At the point when you consolidate them, you can fit the extensions to suit your necessities, or join them all, and you have essentially all that you want.

Are you game? Here goes.

Extension #1: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension allows you to see keyword data right from Google search results.

It additionally shows you related keywords and their information while never leaving the SERPs. You can send out the data to CSV or click on any of the information headings under “Individuals likewise look for… ” It then, at that point, takes you to the Ubersuggest dashboard for your picked keyword.

This data makes it simple to run keyword research initially consequently from the SERPs.

Extension #2: Moz

At any point can’t help thinking about what domain authority implies? All things considered, it’s a measurement made by Moz. By and large, higher your domain authority, the higher your rankings are.

Moz made a Chrome extension called MozBar that lets you know the domain and page authority for any page on the web.

This extension is helpful when you are browsing internet and researching any potential contenders, as it rapidly shows you how you stack dependent upon them.

Moreover, as you go through your opponent’s site, you can undoubtedly recognize their most authoritative pages that need examining.

Extension #3: Similar Web

On the web, popularity is everything. We as a whole need more traffic since that implies more leads, and although more traffic doesn’t generally mean more income, it quite often does.

Out of the all accessible tools, I’ve found that similar web gives the most reliable traffic assessments compared with any other person.

Presently, with the similar web extension, you can get traffic information without getting back to their website.

The main thing you can see with this extension is traffic information throughout the previous a half year. It equal breaks down the bounce rate, average pages per visit and visit length.

Furthermore, as you look down, you can see what nations the visitors are coming from, making it simpler to focus on your crowd by geological location.

To wrap things up, it shows you the traffic makeup for each site, as well. Is the traffic coming from search engines, social media, referral sources, or even direct traffic to the site? The more you realize about your traffic sources, the better you can refine your content/marketing strategy.

Extension #4: Redirect path

Redirect path isn’t too known about an extension, yet when you are doing technical Search engine optimization, it is an unquestionable necessity.

Over the long haul, your URLs change. Whether that is from another design or on the other hand assuming you are erasing old content and consolidating your pages, this extension lets you know when something turns out badly.

Through redirect path, you can rapidly check whether a redirect is broken or working accurately.

Extension #5: Buzzsumo

While surfing the web, you’ll normally read a few articles, including from your rivals. By utilizing the Buzzsumo extension, you can see the number of social offers a given article that has and its backlinks.

You might actually see the most well known articles from that site in view of social sharing and backlink count.

This gives you a smart thought about the kind of content you want to begin delivering.

Extension #6: Meta SEO Inspector

Blunders can truly kill your traffic.

The littlest things like your meta tags can hugely affect your rankings, so you want to guarantee you’ve completely improved them.

By utilizing Meta SEO inspector, you can rapidly detect in the event that you’ve set up your meta tags accurately.

As you can see from the screen capture above, it reports blunders.

With that model, I immediately discovered that one of my pages doesn’t have an open graph meta tag. That implies when individuals share the page on the social web, it may not show up accurately, restricting my social media traffic.

Extension #7: Check my links

Like the Redirect path extension, on the off chance that you invest a great deal of energy doing technical SEO and analyzing your opposition, the more link data you have, the better.

Allow me to make sense of why this tool is so significant: external links aren’t the ones in particular that assist with helping your rankings; knowing your data on internal links is imperative, as well.

Check My links gives you all the internal link numbers you want while browsing any page on your site (or your opposition’s).

Besides the fact that you get an outline, however you can likewise see details all in all page as this extension highlights each link.

Extension #8: Pagespeed Insights

Load time doesn’t simply impact conversions; it likewise influences your rankings. On the off chance that your site loads slowly, your prospects won’t sit around idly. Research from shows that 53% of web users anticipate that ecommerce sites should load in three seconds or less.

The study also shows how 39% of customers figure a site should load inside two-three seconds, while 14% say they believe sites should load in only one second!

Site loading times are the more significant for mobile search users, and there are a lot of them out there, with an expected 211 million in the US alone.

Through the Pagespeed insights extension, you can rapidly recognize what you really want to further develop your load time on any site page.

For additional data, simply click ‘need more,’ and it takes you to a point by point report for more inside and out investigation, similar to this:

At the point when you find numerous blunders, you’ll need to fix them as, over the long haul, it will help your rankings, which is where the following Chrome extension for Search engine optimization comes in.

Extension #9: Search engine optimization Minion

Search engine optimization is about the big picture approach.

On the off chance that you simply go through 10 minutes daily making upgrades, it can immensely affect your traffic a year not too far off. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you maintain that a simple way should move toward this task, our next SEO Chrome extension, SEO minion, is for you.

One task that I have my group continually take a look at through SEO minion is broken links.

What’s more, you can utilize it to find broken links on different sites, which accompanies a reward: in the event that link establishment is fundamentally important, hit them up to replace the wrecked link with one from your site.

One more method for becoming your Search engine optimization traffic is by making an translating of your content into different languages.

This extension likewise separates hreflang data, which is required when you are targeting on different regions and languages.

This is an incredible method for profiling your on-page SEO.

Extension #10: SEOquake

Need a straightforward method for getting a broad outline of your site? SEOquake can take care of you.

SEO Chrome extension gives an comprehensive overview of things like your Alexa rank, indexing information for Google, Bing, and your SEMrush rank.

From that point, you can jump into specific reports, for example, a density or diagnosis report.

The density report separates the keyword density on some random page.

You don’t have to fixate on keyword density, yet as a rule, if you don’t specify a keyword that you need to rank for, then, at that point, odds are you will not show up in the top SERPs.

The diagnosis report separates on-page Search engine optimization elements on some random page.

Furthermore, the most utilized feature of SEOquake is the point at which you play out a Google search. You’re given information on each site that ranks.

Extension #11: Ninja Outreach

Your on-page SEO efforts are pointless without backlinks.

I realize you disdain this piece of SEO, yet manual outreach is one of the most outstanding ways of building links, despite the fact that it is drawn-out.

One method for making it more straightforward is through Ninja outreach. This SEO Chrome extension shows you the email addresses related with a given domain.

When you find a relevant site that you need to approach for a backlink opportunity, you can help their contact information through a click of a button and begin making your custom email.

Expansion #12: Keywords Everywhere

This is likely the most famous extension out there for SEOs, and keywords everywhere is perfect for any individual who is doing keyword research.

Simply go to google search and type in any keyword that you are keen on pursuing. Keywords everywhere shows you a laundry list of other related terms that you can target.

You can rapidly send out the list and afterward gather an master list of worthwhile keywords you can build your content around.

What’s helpful about keywords everywhere is the data is given right inside Google as opposed to going to a particular device.

Extension #13: Fatrank

In spite of the fact that it is a bad habit, as SEOs, we as a whole fixate on rankings.

In the event that you believe a simple and free way should follow your rankings, you could set up a task on Ubersuggest.

Notwithstanding, you could likewise look at Fatrank to grasp how your site’s performing. Simply head to your site, click on the Fatrank Chrome SEO extension and type in a keyword to check whether you rank for it.

Assuming that you rank in the best 100, it lets you know the specific position.

On the off chance that you don’t, it tells you that you don’t rank in the main 100.

I utilize this as a spot check to guarantee I’m doing nicely well after a significant Google algorithm update.

Extension #14: Keyword Surfer

It doesn’t make any difference assuming you use Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMrush; there is one thing that those tools share practically speaking: you need to continue onward back to get the keyword data you want.

Presently, couldn’t it be simpler if you would get keyword and backlink insights solidly in your Google browser? With Keyword Surfer, you can do exactly that.

At the point when you do a quest for anything, you see the global search volume alongside the volume in your region.

What’s more, see a rundown of ideas and search volume in the sidebar.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you look down somewhat more, you’ll see the way numerous backlinks each outcome has, which provides you with a rough idea of the number of links you that need to rank in the main 10.


There are a ton of choices with regards to Chrome extensions for SEO. You simply need to find the ones that function admirably for you.

A simple spot to begin is with the extensions I referenced previously.

You don’t need to involve every one of them as it very well might be a piece over the top excess, yet you can utilize any of them or a mix to optimize your site and upgrade its overall ranking.

What do you need to lose? Try out these Search engine optimization extensions and see how they help your site rankings.

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