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Content Creation For Ecommerce

You’ve probably heard it said before: Content is king. But what is content “king” of, and why should your business invest in it? After all, a proper content strategy takes time and effort — identifying products and topics, writing about them, and promoting the content afterwards. Even if your business is small, you might not think that content creation for ecommerce is a priority. This is a mistake!

A proper ecommerce content marketing strategy can help grow your business over the long term in several important ways: It can boost your SEO rankings, so prospects will find your site and products more easily; it will position you as a knowledgeable expert in your field; and it will drive engagement and discussion, turning visitors to your site into shoppers and, eventually, brand evangelists who provide important word-of-mouth marketing.


However, a content strategy must be done correctly to be effective. Otherwise, you might wind up with lots of product pages and blog posts that nobody will read! For maximum efficacy, you need the help of an experienced ecommerce content marketing agency.

When you work with Mslive for your ecommerce content needs, we’ll put our know-how to use on the entire process from beginning to end. We’ll start by optimizing the content on your site for ecommerce product SEO, creating and updating product pages using target keywords and compelling copy. This will drive organic search traffic, leading potential customers to find your products. Next, we’ll work to identify content topics based on high-traffic keywords that we can use to create quality blog and long-form content.

Through this process, we will build your brand’s reputation, expand your audience, and help you gain visitors, many of whom will turn into customers. As an expert ecommerce content marketing agency, we’re well positioned to help you with high-quality content that has a direct impact on your bottom-line results.

How Our Ecommerce Content Marketing Service Works:

Mslive has a proven track record of helping our clients grow their business and grow their audience through a content-focused strategy of inbound marketing. Ecommerce businesses interested in joining the ranks of our successful clients can be confident that when they work with us, they’ll benefit from a tried-and-true and strategic content marketing plan.

When you work with us, here’s what you’ll get.

Content Strategy for Ecommerce

As the saying goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” At Mslive, we start all of our content efforts with a well developed strategy, so that we know that all of our work will be directed in a way that’s productive and effective.

Our content strategy for ecommerce starts with a content audit of your website. We evaluate your current content — product descriptions, meta text, blog posts, and other things you may never have considered important before — and see which gaps need to be filled. We research keywords to find relevant, high-traffic search terms that your key demographics and target audiences are looking for

We also analyze your competitors, noting what they’re doing, what they’re targeting, and how you might be able to get a leg up on the market.

Once we have the information we need, we’ll put together a comprehensive content marketing strategy: What needs to be changed, what needs to be written, and what the timeline is for this content to be created. We work with you, get buy-in to ensure we’re all on the same page, and then we execute on the strategy we’ve created.

Ecommerce Product SEO

You can sell the best products in the world, but as an ecommerce retailer, you may very well struggle if people aren’t finding your online store! Think about how you shop for things online: You go to your choice of search engine, like Google or Bing, and you search for the thing you’re interested in buying: Things like “hiking boots for wide feet,” “non-plastic infant toys,” or “replacement computer RAM.” You browse the front page of search engine result pages (SERPs), and click a link or two that looks appealing. Most of the time, you probably never consider the second page, the third, or anything else.

You’re not alone. That’s how most people shop online. Mslive will overhaul your ecommerce product SEO, rewriting product pages as needed to get your store and your products as close as possible to the top of the SERP listings. We’ll use our keyword research to identify highly relevant keywords, and adjust the copy and content accordingly

Not only that, we’ll make sure that the content descriptions are effective, engaging, and designed to drive conversions and make people who find your products want to buy them!

Ecommerce Blogging

Overhauling your site’s ecommerce product SEO is important for getting eyeballs on your products, but just as important is convincing people that your business has something to say. Our proven content marketing strategy has a strong focus on crafting engaging, interesting blog content that positions your brand to capture the attention and interest of online audiences.

One of the key benefits of blog-driven inbound marketing is that you can capture viewers at the top of the marketing funnel — i.e., people who are browsing, but not interested in making a purchase just yet. For instance, if your business sells hiking gear, blog content like “Best things to do in the woods” or “Best hiking places near major US cities” might not have much to do directly with your product, but they’ll gain the interest of people whose interests line up with what you sell. Producing interesting content for them to read now, means that you’ll be in their mind when they want to buy something later.

Creating interesting blog content based on high-volume, long-tail keywords will attract an audience that is more likely to turn from readers into buyers, and from buyers into fans.

Downloadable Ebooks and Guides

Blogs are excellent for grabbing viewers at the top of the marketing funnel, but to truly position your brand as a thought leader that can be relied on for interesting, helpful information, the Mslive content marketing strategy includes high-quality premium content like ebooks, guides, and infographics.

Through these longer-form, visually engaging content pieces, we package your brand’s insights and offerings into a form that delights and interests readers. Things like product buying guides help educate middle-of-the-funnel viewers in the best tactics for evaluating the products you sell, and convince readers that your business should be the place to buy from. After all, you’re the experts who put out this guide.

Content Distribution and Promotion

As an expert ecommerce content marketing agency, the final step in the strategy for any piece of content is distribution and promotion. We will take the high-quality content we’ve helped you create, and share it through channels like emails and newsletters, social media, and outreach to reputable sites. This will build backlinks, boosting your site’s authority with search engines like Google, further strengthening your SEO, and driving readers — and potential shoppers — to your brand. .

We will do this with every piece of content we help you create, so that you’re getting maximum results from our content creation for ecommerce. .